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Customer Service and Support You Can Count On...
Net-Connectivity was not built to be a hardware or software shop - it was built to be a Client Service Organization. Our primary focus is to provide our clients EXCEPTIONAL customer service and support. When you become a client of Net-Connectivity, you can expect:

A Dedicated Client Services Manager

  • Serves as your liaison to Net-Connectivity support and services.
  • Focused on understanding the goals and objectives of your organization.
  • Provide regular client status reports, updates, and meetings.

A Customized Client Services Response Program

  • Flexible support options available to select from to meet your needs (Yearly, 24x7, 24 Hour, Same Day, Emergency Response, or any combination)
  • Support through phone contact, email or IM

Customized and Competitive Service Solutions...
Net-Connectivity has created a variety of Service and Support Packages that can be customized to meet your specific operational and technology circumstances and needs...and pricing for our services is reasonable and is focused on your financial capabilities.


Technology Support and Implementation Solutions
Net-Connectivity Technology Support and Implementation Solutions enhance and support every aspect of your organization's technology throughout the information technology lifecycle, from start to finish.


By providing one-stop shopping for technology services, Net-Connectivity can reduce your technology costs...

Specialty Technology Solutions
When your systems aren't running, your organization isn't effective. Net-Connectivity's Specialty Technology Solutions team not only can analyze your existing technical infrastructure for potential problems, we can also implement effective solutions and technologies that protect your technologies from problems such as viruses, security weaknesses, and backup and disaster failures.


Net-Connectivity has response capabilities that can get your systems up and running when problems hit.